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Small Places has been developing a model of Community Impact Agriculture that addresses systemic problems in health and establish compounding solutions through an approach known as “Solving for Pattern.” Our farms are designed to provide essential services related to the Social Determinants of Health as a form of critical health infrastructure necessary to support healthy neighborhoods.



Let Small Places provide turn-key agricultural services from start to finish. From design, to implementation, distribution, and management, we provide everything you need to get a farming operation off the ground and producing fresh food to serve you and your community.


Farming operations are complex and Small Places has invested the time, energy, and resources to develop the operational infrastructure to farm successfully. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to ensure your farm runs smoothly and productively.


Doing it yourself does not mean you have to do it alone. Small Places wants to be resource to all organizations and operations to improve efficiency, productivity, sustainablity, and impact. Let us work alongside you to successfully meet your goals and achieve your mission.


Education is vital in working toward changing food culture and living a healthy lifestyle. Small Places offers educational opportunities for all ages covering a broad range of topics and develops curriculum to meet the needs and audience of the communities and organizations we work with.


The most critical relationship in agriculture is the connection to people. Small Places has developed outeach strategies designed to establish connections and foster partnerships with community stakeholders that magnify the impact of the farm far beyond its borders.


Farming and agriclture are important and valuable fields and career paths within our society. Small Places provides job training programs and opportunites to train new farmers to become the next generation of innovative and experienced agricultural professionals.


Through our farms and projects, we offer a number of opportunities to empower healthy living: fresh food, educational activities, employment opportunities, job training, community building, cultural enhancement, outdoor enrichment space, and neighborhood placemaking. Find your way to connect with agriculture and discover how farming can serve to impact your health and quality of life.


CSA Share

Get weekly bags of farm fresh produce by joining a CSA Program. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model was established to help communities invest and connect with their local farmers in a real and direct way. These committed supporters are a critical part of keeping small farms running and show they value the hard work of farmers and the produce they cultivate.

Field Trips

It is very important that farms are a space for everyone, especially young people, to experience agriculture and farming firsthand. A personal connection to farming and farmers changes the meaning of food and can help form meaningful relationships that build long-lasting healthy habits. We invite groups from all over and students of all ages to visit our farms to learn more about where their food comes from.


Our farms are about so much more than food. These green and bountiful outdoor urban spaces are ideal gathering places that can play host to any number of diverse events. From dance performances and concerts, to pop-up dinners and wedding ceremonies, a farm is the perfect place for people to come together around food to create stronger bonds and build deeper connections within a community.


Through our farms, we offer a number of classes on various topics including fermentation, baking, healthy cooking, rainwater harvesting, organic gardening, and much more. These classes are designed for all types of people, those new to growing, processing, and experimenting with food and more experienced students of producing and refining food seeking to learn new techniques.


“The health of the water is exactly the same as the health of the land; the health of small places is exactly the same as the health of large places."

-Wendell Berry, Contempt for Small Places