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Finca Tres Robles is a community based urban farm located on the East Side of Houston working to change the food landscape of our neighborhood and city. We firmly believe that the success of the farm is dependent upon a strong relationship between the farm and its neighbors. We are offering Farm Memberships to encourage participation and support of the farm and to show our commitment to the community.

Basic Memberships

NeighborhoodFREE for 77011 Residents

Neighborhood Memberships are offered exclusively to those living in the 77011 zip code to ensure our neighbors can take advantage of our fresh produce.

  • 10% Discount on Produce
  • 10% Discount on Classes
  • 10% Discount on Plants

Complete the Membership Registration Form and bring it to the farm along with a proof of your residence (drivers license, bill etc.).

Farm Supporter$75 per 6 months

Farm Supporter Memberships are for those living in the Houston area who identify with and want to support our mission.

  • 10% Discount on Produce
  • 10% Discount on Classes
  • 10% Discount on Plants

Farm Benefactor$175 per 6 months

Farm Benefactor Memberships are for those committed to making sustainable urban agriculture an important part of our communities and city.

  • 10% Discount on Produce
  • 10% Discount on Classes
  • 10% Discount on Plants
  • Benefactor T-Shirt
  • Finca Tres Robles Reusable Grocery Bag
  • Pre-Sale Tickets on Finca Dinner Events
  • Private Tour (10 Person)

Committed Members

For those interested in getting more involved in the farm, we are offering additional incentives to registered Members through our Committed Member Program. Committed Members are required to earn 8 credits every 6 months by completing various farm and community supportive activities. Once these credits have been earned, these Members will receive additional discounts and benefits on top their regular Member benefits.
Bonus Discounts and Benefits:
Bring Your Yard Waste ~ 6 Full Bags = 1 Credit Additional 10% Discount on Produce
Bring Your Kitchen Scraps ~ 5 gallon = 1 Credit Additional 10% Discount on Classes
Refer a New Member = 1 Credit Access to Mulch and Finca Compost (if available)
Register to Vote = 1 Credit *Beneficiary of Hosting a Class (e.g. Host a water catchment class at your house and receive a water catchment system)
Volunteer at farm/community event – 2 hour shift = 1 Credit
Pay $25 = 1 Credit **Discounts on Event Hosting at the farm
Participate in Social Media Challenge*** = 1 Credit **Discounts on Farm Dinners/Events
*Attend Super-Neighborhood Meeting = 1 Credit
*Attend a Cooking or Nutrition Class = 1 Credit

*Applies only to Neighborhood Memberships

**These discounts will vary based on events and availability

***Only 1 submission will count each 6 months

Download Membership Registration Form