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CSA Shares

Make a commitment to support local Houston farmers by joining our Finca Tres Robles CSA Program. Learn more about our CSA Shares below or

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For those unfamiliar with the term, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a model that was established to help communities invest and connect with their local farmers in a real and direct way. In short, supporters invest in the farm by paying a fee up front for a “share” of the season’s produce. In return, they receive a weekly box of produce that will contain a mix of the farm’s seasonally available produce.

If you are interested in being more directly connected with your local growers on the East Side please contact us by registering and completing the required information. We will follow up with more details for interested parties. This farm is only possible through the continued commitment of so many people and we are grateful for your support.

Upcoming CSA:
Winter 2019
Duration: 12 Weeks Start Date:
January 9th
End Date:
March 27th
Pick Up Locations: Finca Tres Robles
257 N. Greenwood St.,
Houston, TX 77011
Black Hole Coffee
4504 Graustark St.,
Houston, TX 77006
NuWaters Co-op
2320 Elgin St,
Houston, TX 77004
Pick Up Times: 2:00 – 7:00PM 2:00 – 9:00PM 2:00 – 7:00PM

Register for a Finca Tres Robles CSA Share Here

CSA Share Pricing Details

The goal for each share is to provide enough to supplement the bulk of the produce needs for a family for the week and offer two (2) different sized CSA shares to choose from:

  • The Full Share has not changed and is meant for a family of 2-4 people, providing an assortment of 6-10 different types of seasonal vegetables and herbs each week.
  • The Half Share is a new offering and is geared for 1-2 people providing a range of 6-8 vegetables and herbs of varying quantities. Some weeks may have more than others depending on availability.

This season we are offering two (2) Payment Plans for the CSA:

  • The Seasonal Payment Plan is an upfront payment for the entire season providing us with much needed capital at the start of the season and as such, there is a discount on the price of a seasonal payment.
  • The new Monthly Payment Plan is meant to give more flexibility in payment schedule and allow our CSA program to be more inclusive. It is important to note that the Monthly Plan still requires a commitment to participate for the entire 15 week season.

We are Houstonians and are proud to be serving the Houston area. It is important to us that we keep as much of our produce as possible, as close to the farm as possible. To encourage this, we offer reduced prices to East Side residents living in the 77003, 77011, 77012, and 77023 zip codes. The pricing for the CSA is shown below:

CSA Share Pricing Details

New members will be charged a onetime $15.00 registration fee to cover some administrative costs. Existing and renewing members will not be required to pay this fee.

Seasonal Payment Plan
  Half Share Full Share
East Sider $238.00/season
Rest of Houston $315.00/season
Monthly Payment Plan
  Half Share Full Share
East Sider $91.00/month x 3
($19.50/week – $273.00/season)
$142.00/month x 3
($30.50/week – $427.00/season)
Rest of Houston $116.50/month x 3
($25.00/week – $350.00/season)
$175.00/month x 3
($37.50/week – $525.00/season)

Register for a Finca Tres Robles CSA Share