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Finca Tres Robles

Finca Tres Robles is Houston’s only private farm inside the 610 Loop, located in Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall. Here we are growing herbs, fruits and vegetables to be sold to individuals and restaurants directly from our farm and at area farmers markets. While this produce will not only be healthy and accessible to individuals in the area, we are working to make it affordable to the immediate East End community as a way to begin to challenge the food system of the neighborhood, to build community, and to keep money here in our immediate, local economy.

We have transformed this 1.25 acre long-time vacant lot in Houston’s 2nd Ward into the only privately operated farm inside the 610 loop. Using green waste including woodchips from local tree trimming companies, coffee grounds from local shops, and vegetable scraps, we have slowly built healthy, fertile soil from free resources. With approximately one (1) acre in production and over fifty (50) fruit trees, greenhouse, composting system, Farm Stand, washing and packing shed, and lit event and community space, this 18 year eyesore has become a fully functional farm.


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The farm operates regular hours and host a Farm Stand twice a week to sell our fresh produce directly from the farm. We believe that it is important for Houstonians to not only have access to fresh produce, but to also have direct engagement and experience with agriculture, the food they eat, and the farmers that grow it.

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