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Field Trips

Welcome to Finca Tres Robles, a community based urban farm located just four miles east of downtown Houston. We believe that quality, local food should be made available to all people regardless of location and income and are working to achieve this by farming right here in the city. It is very important to us that the farm be a space for people in the Houston area, especially young people, to experience agriculture firsthand. We look forward to hosting you out at the farm for a day full of exploration, learning, and fun for your entire group.

Farm Encounter Field Trips

Farm Encounter Field Trips are designed to expose students to new ideas and concepts through hands on activities on a working farm. While these farm encounters may only scratch the surface of complex issues, this time is meant to get kids thinking about aspects of their daily lives in a new way and to enlighten them about the world around us.

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Agricultural Immersion Field Trips

Agricultural Immersion Field Trips are designed for students to spend the day delving into real world topics through interactive and thought provoking activities on the farm. These field trips provide students time and space to devote their attention to a focused topic to develop a deeper and more complete understanding.

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