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Employment Opportunities

10391432_833101173418138_4372853764707405410_nWe are young farmers working to use agriculture to address our city’s food access and diet-related health issues and are in the third year of establishing our first farm, Finca Tres Robles, in Houston’s East End. On the farm, we really value the importance of hands-on learning and the long-term nature of learning through doing. Having personally experienced the struggle to find a space to explore our passion for agriculture in the Houston area, we want to ensure that our farm offers that opportunity to young people interested in and passionate about growing food for their communities. As things continue to grow and expand, we are excited to include others in the work we do.

This is a unique chance for someone truly interested in the field of food and health to not only get hands on experience, but become an integral part of a working farm in the city. Passing on our knowledge and making this a space for others to learn is very important to us and we will work with them to engage their interests in respect to the farm’s mission and work.

Farm Manager

The Farm Manager will be expected to hit the ground running to manage the day to day operations of the farm in order to free the General Manager up to focus on expansion and development. Responsibilities will include planning and overseeing major systems and production operations, supervising workers, attending farmers markets, managing the CSA Program, and supporting field trips, classes, and events at the farm.

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Seasonal Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is designed for someone interested in pursuing agriculture and farming as a career. They will work side by side with the farmers to learn and be trained in the various systems and will grow to take on more responsibilities at the farm. The apprentice will help to establish and expand the major systems and capabilities of the farm with the potential to manage some of these systems themselves.

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Seasonal Internship

Interns will work side by side with the farmers to learn and be trained in the various systems and will begin to take on work on their own as they grow in comfort and knowledge of the different processes of the farm. While much of what is done on the farm may be considered simple tasks, they are important aspects of the larger, more complex systems that make up a well-run farm.

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