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About Small Places

SMALL PLACES is a limited liability company formed in March of 2014 with a focus on making agriculture in an urban setting sustainable, supportive of its community, and profitable. We are working to develop a business model that is diverse and robust to create a productive and empowering farm within Houston’s city limits.

We have begun with a 1.25 acre lot on Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall where we will be growing organic herbs, fruits and vegetables to be sold to individuals and restaurants directly from our farm and area farmers markets. While this produce will be convenient, healthy and accessible to individuals in the area, we are working to make it affordable to the immediate East End community as a way to begin to challenge the food system of the neighborhood, to build relationships, and to keep money here in our immediate, local economy.



Small Places LLC strives to be the leader in Houston urban agriculture by integrating strong business principles, innovative organic food production, community collaboration, and healthy living.



At Small Places LLC, we recognize five main areas in which to focus our work. When integrated together, every aspect while distinct is necessary and important to support and strengthen the other four.

(1)      Financial Sustainability

(2)     Year Round Food Production

(3)     Education

(4)     Community Involvement/Collaboration

(5)     Soil and Land Regeneration



Small Places LLC is also experimenting with a unique approach to farming in an urban environment and we believe in the power of its potential. We will be developing the concept of Limited Resource Farming which looks to establish systems using free available resources to build fertility, increase production, and lower initial and long-term expenditures. Using the advantages of our location, such as access to organic wastes (woodchips, grass clippings, etc), recyclable materials, and roofs for water catchment, we are developing a way to farm not only better but cheaper which is a vital aspect in making this farm financially sustainable. We believe in farming’s potential to change communities and see our model as one that is not only possible but applicable and replicable in other cities as well as parts of our own.