Setting the Table Field Trip


Two weeks ago, the farm hosted the first ever “Setting the Table” field trip, the concept and hard work of Courtney Robins. The goal of these field trips are to bring Houstonians together to share a healthy meal, connecting ourselves to each other and to where our food comes from.

Partnering with a community center from the 5th Ward, we hosted a mix of almost 30 senior citizens and elementary school children. After touring thefarm, we harvested some of the main ingredients for our dishes and, with the help of a trained chef, our guests prepared a tasty meal right on site. Sitting down together and sharing a meal we had prepared together was a great way to end an eventful morning. Thanks to Courtney and all her hard work putting this program together. We look forward to hosting more in the future. Please email us if you’d like more information on Setting the Table events.